Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Its the most wonderful time of the year

My apologies out there to those of you who are Christmas freaks (A), but Halloween is by far the best holiday out there. Forget that it is every normal girls excuse to dress slutty, but rather that there is a significant amount of creativity and expertise that goes into creating an amazing costume. Also there is candy corn.

But really, when else can you find skeleton salad tongs? Clearly I purchased a set.

My true pride and joy this Halloween has to be my costume. I generally spend an inordinate amount of time creating, building, or making my costume, but this year takes the cake. I have recreated a very accurate Wonder Woman costume. Yes, my childhood dream has been realized. All those years that I ran around in my Wonder Woman underwear, rain boots and the big wheels (yeah I know you remember those!) has finally paid off. I have a killer Wonder Woman costume.

I do have to give credit to the awesome website for homemade costumes that provided the inspiration, but now I am ready to relive my childhood as an adult, traipsing around in my underwear (literally, because the shorts are "boy short" undies from Old Navy) with my lariat of truth to save the day. Can you do that for me Christmas?

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  1. That awesome costume won me $100 at the costume contest of my fave bar. Drinks on me!