Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Rules for Project 333

As a part of the process for getting my clothing organized into wardrobes for Project 333 (in my case 3-35) was to also set up a series of ground rules for how I plan to arrange and interact with the wardrobes for each season.  So here are the ground rules I established, which were used to guide me through selection and future replacements of items.

The Rules

  1. To start, all items were selected directly from the current wardrobe; no new items were purchased to start.
  2. Any future items which may be needed to replace damaged or worn clothing should first be sought through eco-friendly means from consignment or second hand shops.  If a new item must be purchased, it should be sustainably produced and of high quality, natural fabrics.
  3. No more than 35 items are allowed for each "Season".
  4. Shoes, accessories and jewelry do not count for the overall 35.
  5. Undies, bras and socks are not a part of the count for the over all 35.
  6. Workout clothes are a separate set of 35 items because they technically cannot be worn to work.
  7. An item can only be replaced or traded out for another, no new items may join the wardrobe to bring it above 35.
That is basically it.  I do have two white tanks and two white long sleeves for wearing under sweaters in the winter because of itching, but other than that, I am sticking to my 35 items.  One week from today I will be unpacking my Fall Wardrobe!

Some additional motivation :)

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  1. Great video!!!
    Thanks for the tips.
    I hope to be able to follow your rules!
    I am going through everything I own this weekend. It should be a great adventure.
    Thanks for the motivation :)