Monday, September 2, 2013

Official Start to P333!

September first has finally arrived and with it a new wardrobe!  I spent yesterday morning packing up what was left of my closet and unpacking the Fall tub of clothing lil' sis and I put together about a month ago.

The official list is as follows:
Sep, Oct, Nov.
Dark Denim Skinnys
Khaki Skinnys
Express boot leg
Brown maxi skirt
Flower multi skirt
Emerald Cropped
Brown dress pants
Navy blue dress pants
Blue long sleeve dress
Red shift dress
Orange patterned dress
Orange Long sleeve t
Chambre blazer
Orange/red jacket
Polka dot button down
Tan sheer button down
Sheer pink w gold dots
Purple long sleeve
Blue dot sweater
Navy stripe long sleeve
Tan 3/4 sleeve sweater
White t
Chartreuse t
Teal t
Nude tank
Orange stripe tank
Pale pink ruffle tank
Light blue tank
Olive cardigan
Lightweight green vneck sweater
Grey sweatshirt

So now that I have my clothing in order the test will be to see how much I can get out of this wardrobe over the next three months.  I am thinking I may need to replace one or two items and those that do not get worn or are worn infrequently will get the boot.

I hope to post some of the outfit combos as well as other changes I have made around the house over the next few months.  I am also still baking and it is coming on colder weather, which makes me want to crank up the oven, so a recipe or two may find its way in as well!

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